Gulen Marine Base


Gulen Marine Base

Manufacturing Site for Subsea Flowline Production

Gulen, Norway

The EMAS CHIYODA Subsea Marine Base Gulen is a proven world class facility situated north of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. The location provides good access to the North-sea with short transit times to existing Oil and Gas fields. The purpose built spoolbase is located in the Gulen Industrial Estate with a range of well established industrial services.

  • Private mooring area
  • 1020 m long stalk rack
  • 230 m fabrication building
  • 16 fabrication lines
  • Single joint fabrication
  • Automatic pipe handling
  • 35000 m2 storing area available
  • Deep water – 12 m
  • Mooring dolphins (130 m long) for vessel support
  • 200 T Bollards for mooring of vessels
  • Integrated production and stalk tie-in facility
  • Offices capacity for 40 people in administration building